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Mail: Project Management. Tendering. Bids. WINNING BIDS. Oh no, no, not more pizza!

Otherwise known as fast food, and mostly pizza in this case; we’ve years of experience in direct mail campaigns, e-commerce success, AB test marketing, CRM and basically getting loads of people to eat pizza.

At Perfect Pizza and Papa John’s we managed the construction of various, increasingly successful websites accounting for annual pizza sales of over £10 million.

Window Cleaning

It may not seem the most glamorous of industries but that depends on the building you’re cleaning. We put together the winning tender document and presentation to win the contract to clean one of the most recognisable buildings in London…talk to us, we’ll tell you which one!

We put this winning bid together for our client, who have over 20 years of cleaning some of London’s most iconic buildings including CityPoint, St Botolph Building, Broadgate Tower, The Tower of London & Hampton Court Palace.

If you haven’t got the in-house resources or expertise to put together a tender document when bidding for contracts, talk to us. We have years of successful experience in putting proposals together, answering briefs and putting presentations together.

If you want, we can even make the presentation for you or coach you how to do it effectively.

NO MATTER what the industry, the principles of managing an e-commerce project or of putting a tender together are the same. As well as the Sleek MakeUP project described here (CLICK!), we’ve been working with solicitors, furniture makers, fast food retailers, window cleaners (see bottom right), charities and others to portray them in the best light.