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There are many myths about marketing, mainly because
there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What works for some
may not work for others.



So What?

So hard work, scientific analysis and creative flair will solve
the puzzle. With some talking and a bit of colouring-in thrown
in as required.

Get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat.

If you agree that Jarvis Marketing can help you, let’s get to work!

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One of the 12 Olympians of Greek Myth, Apollo is the god of light, youth, beauty, and prophesy. One of Apollo's great deeds was the killing of the serpent Python, the feared beast residing in the hills near Delphi.

Apollo came down from Mount Olympus and slew the beast in one shot to save the people of the land. In remembrance of his deed, it's said that Apollo created the Pythian Games, held every four years. Today we have a very similar form of games, the Olympics.


The Apollo program was the third space flight program carried out by the (NASA), the United States' civilian space agency.

Also a renowned concert venue in Manchester.